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208 lbs



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Jason Collns

About Me

Opportunity and challenge, have always been huge motivators throughout my life. I am an ironworker and a fighter, both of which require intelligence, strength, and heart to be successful. In the pursuit of self-growth, risk must be taken and comfort must be tested. My family and I are advocates of health & fitness, participating in a variety of sports. Participating in this event I hope to teach my sons that competition is healthy and does not stop as you get older.  
Pinball Clemons has been a personal inspiration since my early years playing COMFL in Pickering. I always looked forward to the extreme positivity that can be felt in his presence. Pinball has been involved in so many events in which I have participated, spectated, and cheered. 
I am excited to return the favour fighting in the 2024 Victory Gala in front of guests, foundation members, and Mr. Pinball Clemons himself.


My children and I are excited to see what fight shape I will get into; they have made it clear my current shape is not sufficient. Gotta love the honesty of a child...


Who inspires you everyday?

Not a day goes by without reflecting on WHO it's all for. I Do it for my FAMILY!!!, I am a proud father of 3 strong and testing boys. My goal is to lead by example and instill "Family First" values through my actions. Watching my children grow, learn, and develop is the most satisfying and inspiring part of my life.

Inspiration Song:

One by Metallica

Inspiring Quote:

“Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth.” -Mike Tyson


What should your opponent watch out for?

I may use flashing lights to distract. 

What's the first thing you'll do after you win?

Congratulate my opponent.




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