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215 lbs



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Scott  Tabachnick

About Me

I get asked this question every time I tell someone I'm participating in Victory Gala. There are a few reasons which all stem from one truth: "It's important to be comfortable doing the uncomfortable". 
I want to show my kids, the youth in programs at the Pinball Clemons Foundation, and myself that it's ok to try new and different things. That even as you age, you can put yourself out there to try new things. To be comfortably uncomfortable.

I am so inspired by the young people in the Pinball Clemons Foundation. Their desire and will power to change their circumstances is amazing, and I am honoured to play a small part (even if it involves getting punched in the face) to help them achieve their goals.


Who inspires you everyday?

Every day I am inspired and amazed by my family. My wife is an entrepreneur who lives life at full speed. Full of energy and big ideas which make life more fun. Our three kids are almost all teenagers (15, 13, 11) and their optimism, intelligence, and sense of humour keep me laughing and striving for more.

Inspiration Song:

Music can definitely turn your mood around. I have too many artists and songs that work for any situation, but am currently listening to a lot of Foo Fighters.

Inspiring Quote:

"The problem in the world today is communication... too much communication"  -Homer Simpson

More Seriously, "It's what you learn after you think you know it all that counts the most" -John Wooden


What should your opponent watch out for?

Getting blinded by the glare off my bald head - that's my secret weapon.

What's the first thing you'll do after you win?

Tell my 11-year old he was wrong.



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